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Ongoing scheme

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Once you’re up and running with Nest you’ll need to perform some administrative tasks, many of which will be an ongoing part of managing Nest from now on.

You’ll be responsible for the day-to-day running of your Nest account and the ongoing assessment of your workforce, so you’ll need to know what to do and when.

  • icon Once your duties start Inform The Pensions Regulator, start keeping records, certify alternative earning basis
  • icon After one year Check minimum contributions, workers receive annual statements
  • icon After 18 months Renew certificate if using alternative earning basis
  • icon After 3 years Re-enrolment
  • icon Ongoing Track changes to workers’ circumstances, keep your information up to date, look out for changes from Nest

Once you start using Nest

Once you’ve set up Nest, you must tell The Pensions Regulator that you’ve chosen Nest to meet your employer duties. You need to do this within the five months after your staging date / duty start date. This is called completing your declaration of compliance.

When you complete your declaration, you’ll be asked for information about your organisation and about the scheme you’re using to meet your duties. You’ll also need to enter your ‘unique employer Nest ID’ - this is the ID we gave you when you set up your scheme and it’s on all the communications we send you. It starts with ‘EMP’ followed by a nine digit number.

Complete your declaration of compliance with The Pensions Regulator.

The Pensions Regulator requires you to keep records about your pension scheme. We’ll keep records of some things too, but not everything. You’re responsible for keeping your records up to date.

You need to keep different types of records for different periods. You need to keep most records for six years although records relating to opt-outs, for example, need to be kept for four years.

The Pensions Regulator has all the details on record keeping.

If you’re using an earnings basis other than qualifying earnings you’ll need to complete a certificate at least every 18 months. You can find an example of the certificate you need to fill out in the Department for Work and Pensions guide (PDF).

For more information on certification and alternative earnings bases see how to calculate contributions in our employer help centre.

As time goes on you may want to make changes to the way you use Nest. For example, you may want to introduce a new payment source or different contribution levels for your workers. You’ll also need to make changes when your workers’ circumstances change in a way that affects their contributions.

Take a look at our employer help centre for more on this.

As part of keeping your account up to date you can change:

  • your company name
  • your address and other contact details
  • your PAYE references

You can also make changes to delegates including:

  • setting up new delegates
  • removing delegates
  • changing access permissions