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Using my online account

As a member of Nest, you have an online pension account that you can access wherever you are, whenever you like. By logging in now you can start to make the most of being a Nest member.


If you want to log in for the first time, you can activate your online account here.

Once you've activated your account, all you need to do to log into Nest is enter your username and password. This login link can be found whenever you need it at the top of every Nest page.

Your dashboard

Whether you want to bring your pensions together or just check your savings are on track, your dashboard gives you the power to manage your Nest pension. Log in now to plan your future.

Log in to your account

Below you’ll find some of the different things you can do in the online account area.

You can update your details at any time in your online account. It’s important that you keep your information up to date so that we can send you important communications, such as your annual statements.

The default retirement age is 65 or your State Pension age if it is later than 65. However you can change your expected retirement date to an age that better suits your plans (as long as the selected age is no younger than 55). If you'd like to change your retirement date, you can do so within your online account.

You can check your balance whenever you want in your Nest account. You’ll be able to see the most up-to-date amount that is in your pension pot. This information could be useful for using the Nest pension calculator.

You may be able to opt out of Nest within the first calendar month of being with us. After the first calendar month, you can decide to stop making contributions if you’d like to.

You’re free to take a break from paying contributions at any time if you want to.

To do this, log into your online account. Once you've told us you want to stop contributing, we'll let your employer know on your behalf, so they stop taking money from your pay.

If you need more guidance on how to stop contributions, visit the member help centre.

The current minimum amount every member puts into their pension pot is set at 5 per cent. You can increase your monthly contributions if you’d like to in your online pension account area.

As a Nest member, you'll start off with a default pension fund that's based on your retirement date. However you might want to choose another fund that better suits how you want your pot managed. You can change your preferences easily in your online account at any time.

If you want help from someone else when it comes to handling your Nest account, you can quickly and easily manage any delegates you have in your online account. Learn more about managing delegates here.

You can tell us who you’d like your money to go to via your online Nest account in the event of your death.

Staying safe

It’s very important to us at Nest that we make sure your details are safe and secure at all times. To help us keep your personal data and financial information protected, we’ve put together some useful guidelines on how you can stay safe online. For more information on how we handle your data, read our privacy policy page.

What kind of retirement do you want?

Have you given any thought to what you want to do and how you want to live when you retire? It’s something many people haven’t considered in any great detail, but it’s wise to start thinking ahead now.

Last updated: 10/20