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Growing your money with
responsible investment

As a member of Nest, you're putting money away for your future. That means growing your pension savings over many years, if not decades.

We want the companies and industries we put your money into today to continue to make money for you tomorrow. We also want them to contribute towards the future you want to retire in. We believe our approach isn't just better for your pocket – it helps people and the planet we live on, too. We call this responsible investment.

Growing your money with responsible investment

Growing your money with responsible investment

We have one goal – to give you a bigger pension in a better world. We believe investing responsibly is one of the best ways of achieving this.

Your money is put into investments that tend to rise in value over time – like company shares, property, or projects to build windfarms or public transport infrastructure. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities are taken into account when we do this.

We’re partnered with Tumelo, an online investment information tool which allows you to see all the companies that your money is invested in. You can view the companies by industry or search for them individually.

We look at how companies treat their workers, customers, wider community and the environment, as well as how they make money for their shareholders. These factors point to how profitable companies will be in the long term as they’re better placed to adapt and thrive in changing times. In turn, they’re likely to make more money for your pot.

How it works in practice

Take climate change. It’s prompted a growing trend for sustainability that has the potential to disrupt the fossil fuels market. Any oil and gas company which hadn’t factored these ESG risks into their future plans would be likely to face challenging conditions and a fall in profits. By encouraging companies to take these issues into account, we believe they’re better placed to weather the future. In turn, this helps us to protect your investments both now and in the years to come.

Our approach meant we were one of the first UK pension providers to actively work to reduce our carbon footprint and to commit to reducing any greenhouse emissions from our investments. What’s more, this is just one of the many ESG issues we consider.

Why does investing responsibly matter?

In simple terms, we think it’ll make a difference to your future.

It can grow your money

Studies show that investing responsibly can beat the market, helping us to protect and grow your pension pot.

We’ve seen this theory put to action through the Covid-19 pandemic, where most companies faced tough conditions. Responsibly invested funds which put more money into companies that took ESG into account were proven to outperform traditional investing.

It could help change how companies operate

Money talks. And when we have billions to invest, companies listen. We work to drive change throughout the industry – both encouraging other pension providers to commit to the same investment standards and by holding the companies that we invest in accountable for their actions.

Together with millions of other members, your money can influence issues like climate change and workers’ rights. After all, you’re investing for your future. And we want that to be a future that’s worth investing in.

The power of your pension

For many, your pension could be your most significant life savings. That’s why the smart money is on investing it with your best interests in mind.

See how we work to make a difference

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