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Supporting you through
market ups and downs

Exclamation icon Be aware of pension and investment scams

We’ve seen a dramatic rise in email and phishing scams as fraudsters take advantage of the shift to digital services and technology.

Remember to be extra vigilant, and know that Nest will only ever send requests for information to your account's secure online mailbox.

Our Pension scams and online security page has information on how to keep your pension pot or your business account safe.

When there’s a lot happening in the wider world, this can affect the financial markets – and in turn, your pension pot. We’re here to support you through all the ups and downs of the markets, working tirelessly on your behalf to deliver a bigger pension in a better world.

Could global events impact your pension pot?

Like all pensions, your Nest pension pot is invested in things like stocks, shares and property. These are known as financial markets. We pick markets that generally rise in price over the years, choosing the ones we think will make money for you.

The long-term rise of the financial markets can occasionally be interrupted by major events, either within the UK or around the world. You may have noticed this when watching the news during the Covid-19 pandemic, or when seeing rises in national interest rates, energy shortages, global conflict and political crises. These events create uncertainty about the future. And uncertainty causes the price of markets to rise and fall unexpectedly, which could affect how much you have in your pension pot.

It’s worth remembering that prices don’t tend to keep falling. Once the short-term uncertainty is over, markets tend to begin rising again. Market ups and downs are a natural part of investing and are built into our strategy. Our goal is to make sure that your pot grows enough to match or beat the rising cost of living over the many years or decades you’ll be saving with us, even after accounting for our charges.

For more information, explore our help centre article ‘What happens to my pension pot when there’s uncertainty in the financial markets?’.

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How Nest protects your savings

As the UK’s largest workplace pension provider, we’re well placed to weather potential risks in the financial markets.

Over 99% of our members are saving into our flagship Nest Retirement Date Fund. Our funds invest your money into a wider range of places than the average pension provider, meaning we don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This should help it grow more steadily and keep it safer.

Looking over the last five years, on average we’ve delivered consistently strong returns while taking less investment risk with your money than other pension providers. We want to give you a bigger pension when you retire and we’re putting all our effort into making it happen.

Should I pause my pension contributions when markets are uncertain?

There’s no simple answer as it depends on your personal circumstances. As you think about this, remember that your employer also contributes to your pension pot, and if you stop contributing, your employer will usually stop contributing too. You may also get tax relief when you pay into your pot. Pausing your contributions means you won’t get these extra savings.

You may find our help centre article useful as you explore your options.

Did the Covid-19 pandemic affect my pension pot?

The Covid-19 pandemic affected markets and investments around the world. But even when times have been turbulent, our members’ investments have held up better than the market at large. When the FTSE 100 fell 34.4% in the first few weeks of the spring 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, the 2040 fund fell by half that amount. Members who were due to retire that year only saw a 0.6% difference in their savings. That’s 60p for every £100 they’d invested. Our funds have since recovered from these low levels.

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Need more help?

It’s important not to panic or make rushed decisions about your pension. Our advice and guidance page explains where you can get help.

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Benefits of our investment approach

Members like you are at the heart of our approach. Everything we do is designed with your needs in mind.

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