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Basics of investing your pension

Learn more about how investing your pension works and get to know the basics

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How inflation impacts your savings

We invest your money so it’s not chipped away by inflation over the years and decades to come.

Beating bank interest rates

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Unlock the power of long-term investing

See how the power of compounding could double your final pension pot.

Learn how your money grows over the years

How we invest your money

Find out how we invest your money to help you get a bigger pension in a better world.

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Growing your money with responsible investment

Our investment strategy doesn’t just work to bring in profits. It also takes people and the planet into account.

Our investment strategy

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How we invest responsibly

Want to know what’s been happening to your money? Discover the latest responsible investment updates.

A bigger pension in a better world

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The benefits of our investment approach

Members like you are at the heart of our approach. Everything we do is designed with your needs in mind.

See how we work for you

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Over 99% of our members are in one of our Nest Retirement Date Funds. These award-winning funds were designed to work for most people, but you can choose to invest for different beliefs, faiths or risk appetite.

Saving for your future

At every stage of your life, no matter the situation you’re in, it’s important to put money aside for your future.

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Follow our three-step pension check

Our three-step pension is designed to help you get ready for retirement. Follow our three-step check and you could soon be on the right track to achieving the kind of retirement you want.

Three-step pension check

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Calculate your retirement income

Our pension calculator gives you an idea of how much you might get from your Nest pension pot.

Calculate your retirement income

Where does my money go?

Having a Nest pension means you have a stake in the world's biggest companies.

Take a closer look

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Protect your pension savings

Registering online with a secure password is one of the best ways to keep your pension pot safe from scammers.