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Who manages your money

Not all pension providers have a team of experts to set out their investment strategy. At Nest, they’re an integral part of how we’re run. Their main goal will always be to give you a bigger pension in a better world. 

An award-winning in-house investment team

We believe our investment strategy is one of the best around. It’s great when our peers think so too.

Over the years, we’ve picked up many awards for the ways we manage your money. We’re proud to be recognised by the industry. We’re even prouder that it’s because of the investment returns we’ve delivered for you, our members.

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corporate adviser awards 2023 winner ultimate default fund
corporate adviser awards 2020 winner best master trust
pensions age awards 2022 winner best investment strategy award

Working to the highest standards

Together, the investment team manages all the important investment decisions and processes rather than outsourcing it to other people, as some other providers do. This allows us to tightly control our strategy, access new markets and manage risk more efficiently.

As part of this process, our investment arm is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which was set up to protect consumers like you. It’s the gold standard for financial regulation. Their oversight means you can trust that we work within the strict letter of the law and that we’ll continue to put you and your needs first.

Working with the best in the industry

Our expert team make the call on every important investment decision based on their understanding of you, our members. We pass this strategy on to our fund managers to process on our behalf, relying on their speed, expertise and economies of scale. They then buy or sell company shares, put money into projects and loans or make other investments on our behalf.

We've partnered with Tumelo, an online investment tool, so you can find out which companies your money is invested in.

What are fund managers?

Our fund managers carry out our investment strategy by managing our trades. As global organisations handling billions every day, they can pass efficiencies and cost savings back to us – and in turn back to you in your pension pot.

We take great care to choose each fund manager, making sure we share the same investment goals and beliefs. In turn, we can work with our fund managers and their other clients to influence markets for the better. This includes pulling money from industries like tobacco or harmful fossil fuels, or encouraging companies to sign up to the Living Wage. Together with our fund managers, our voice has more power – and we use it for your benefit.

Why having fund managers is important

Most of our members’ money is invested in collective funds provided by global fund management companies. This is normal for UK pension providers.

What’s less typical is that we use 17 fund managers rather than the 1 or 2 most other providers use. We only work with the very best in each market, using the top-rated fund manager for shares to handle all our investments in company shares, the best in property to handle our real-estate transactions and so on.

This allows us to invest various proportions of your money in different markets, secure in the knowledge it’s being dealt with by managers at the top of their game. And rather than being forced to use a particular investment strategy that’s offered by one or two fund managers, we can create our own and tailor it to your needs or your  planned retirement date.

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Meet the in-house investment team

Collectively, our investment team has over 180 years’ experience in the financial industry. They work hard to protect and grow your money. After all, they’re Nest members too.

Mark Fawcett

Mark Fawcett, CEO of Nest Invest 

Mark heads up the team to steer everyone in the right direction.

Read more from Mark

Elizabeth Fernando

Elizabeth Fernando, Chief Investment Officer

Elizabeth leads on the day-to-day implementation of our award winning investment strategy.

Read more from Elizabeth

Paul Todd

Paul Todd, Director of Investment Development and Delivery

Paul is part of the leadership group within Nest’s investment team, working with the chief investment officer and the Trustee Board to set the strategic vision for Nest’s investment approach and ensure the delivery of that vision.

Read more from Paul

Charlotte Griffiths

Charlotte Griffiths, Head of Investment Strategic Delivery

We’re responsible for managing money in our members’ best interests, so all the decisions we make are intended to provide our members with a good return.

Read more from Charlotte

Jiwei Dong

Jiwei Dong, Head of Market Risk and Asset Allocation Manager

Jiwei and his team are responsible for managing the overall risk taken in our portfolios and making recommendations as to how our investments could be adapted to improve risk-adjusted returns for members.

Read more from Jiwei

Diandra Soobiah

Diandra Soobiah, Head of Responsible Investment

Diandra’s team is responsible for setting the strategy and overseeing how we do this.

Read more from Diandra

Mike Smith

Mike Smith, Head of Fund Administration

It’s important that we get the right market information and make the right investment decisions.

Read more from Mike

Nick Huntley

Nick Huntley, Head of Investment Technology

Nick’s team designs and builds bespoke IT systems that help Nest’s investment team do their jobs efficiently and securely.

Read more from Nick

Anders Lundgren

Anders Lundgren, Head of Public Markets

Anders and his team are responsible for choosing and managing the relationships with our public markets fund managers.

Read more from Anders

Stephen O'neill

Stephen O’Neill, Head of Private Markets

Stephen’s team provides recommendations for our private markets strategy and how to implement it.

Read more from Stephen

Pippa Strutt, Head of External Media and Communications 

Pippa leads the team that gives our members, customers and other stakeholders accurate investment information in ways that they’ll find most useful.

Read more from Pippa



Nest’s investment committee

Nest’s investment committee provides independent oversight. It has a legal duty to check that the investment team is working in the best interests of you, our members.

The investment committee members come from a variety of industry backgrounds, but all share an expertise in the requirements and responsibilities of a pension scheme.

Read biographies for our investment committee members.

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