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Pensions and other investments

Paying into a workplace pension is a great way to save for your future and can fit perfectly around your current investments.

Getting the right balance

A workplace pension doesn't have to replace any of the other ways you might already use to manage your money. It can work seamlessly alongside different financial commitments, whether that's an ISA, a property investment or a savings account.

In fact, a workplace pension can be one of the most effective ways to save thanks to employer contributions, tax relief and from the long-term effect of having any investment returns on your savings reinvested. These help grow your pension pot over time and increase your retirement income beyond any State Pension that may be available.

Illustration of breakdown of what you could get from a workplace pension.

Building up more money than you personally contribute is just one of the many reasons to save with a workplace pension. A small number of people may not be eligible for employer contributions or tax relief. If you're unsure, check with your employer.

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How does Nest manage my money?

Understanding how pension schemes look after your money can seem confusing. That's why we try to keep things simple. We have one goal – to help you get a better income in retirement.

See how your money's managed

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What can you expect to get?

There's lots of factors that affect the amount you'll get from your Nest pension when you retire, like when you started saving and how much you paid into your pot.

Find out what you could get

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The three step pension check

Explore the kind of retirement you want and learn how you can work towards it in three straightforward steps.

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