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Stay safe online

Follow our simple tips to keep your data and your employees’ savings safe and secure.

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How to talk about the cost of living crisis

Our handy webpage addresses any concerns your workers may have about their pension. Be sure to share it with your staff so they can see how Nest is protecting their savings.

How to talk about pensions

Use our toolkits to meet your communication duties and to reach your workers on their road to retirement.

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How to sign up with Nest

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What you need to sign up

We're here to get your business ready to sign up and to tell you how long it might take. Then we'll walk you through our simple process.

Signing up with Nest

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Your step-by-step guide to signing up

Getting set up is simple and we're here to explain the process to you, from beginning to end.

Our sign-up process

Setting up a workplace pension

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Get ready to set up your workplace pension

Discover the key decisions your business needs to make and the process you should put in place.

Prepare your business

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Choose your contribution rates

Find out the minimum you need to contribute and how you calculate a worker's qualifying earnings.

Decide your contribution rates

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How to enrol your workers

Once you've assessed your workers, you're ready to take the next step. See what you need to do to enrol your workers into Nest.

Enrolling your workers