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About pensions

Whatever stage of your working life you’re at, finding out more about pensions is a great idea.

A quick introduction to pensions

Understanding why saving into a pension matters and what your options are will help you put the right plans in place to enjoy the life you want when you retire.

The pages below have lots of the information people commonly ask for when starting to explore pensions.

Types of pension

A good place to find out about the different types of pensions, how they work and what the potential benefits are.

Why save into a workplace pension?

Discover the benefits of saving into a workplace pension, and how this can fit alongside other financial commitments you may have. These include:

Balancing pensions and mortgages
Pensions vs other investments
Balancing pensions and debt

Tax relief and other benefits

One of the best things about a workplace pension is the tax relief you enjoy on your contributions. Find out how this relief boosts your pension pot.

Identifying your pension pots

Lots of people find they have different pension pots, often as a result of moving jobs. This page gives you tips on finding your other pensions and how you can bring these together.

Guidance and advice

Links to help you find guidance and professional advice on pensions and your finances.

Last updated: 08/20