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Third party contributions

Anyone can make an additional contribution into someone else's Nest retirement pot. You'll need to use a debit card to do this. To make a contribution please make sure you have all the information shown on this page. The contribution you make will be invested in the member's current Nest fund. The value of these funds can go down as well as up. When you're ready, click Next to go through to the next page.

Please note the following:

  • you shouldn't use this facility to pay contributions for yourself or somebody you employ
  • If the member is eligible, we'll claim tax relief on your contribution and add it to their pot
  • to avoid unintended consequences, such as the member having to pay higher taxes, you may wish to speak to them before making this contribution.

Information about the member

Before you can make a contribution into someone else's Nest pot you'll need to give us some information about them. This is to make sure the payment goes to the right person. The information has to exactly match our records for the member or we won't be able to accept your contribution. Please check with the member to make sure you have accurate information.

The only things we need to know are:

  • the member's Nest ID
  • the member's first initial and last name.

Details about you

You'll also need to give us some details about you, so we can collect your contribution. These details will also enable us to provide your name to the member if they request it and pay money back to you, if we need to.

The only things we need to know are:

  • how much you want to contribute
  • your name and address
  • valid debit card details for a UK bank/building society account.

Make a one-off contribution

Last updated: 02/21