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Joining through divorce settlements

You might join us if you receive a share of an ex-spouse or ex-civil partner's Nest pension pot. This happens when the court makes a pension sharing order.

How does it work?

We receive a pension sharing order telling us that you've been awarded a share of a Nest pension pot belonging to your ex-spouse or ex-partner. We'll then write to you and explain the next steps, including your two available options. You can either transfer this share to another pension scheme or leave it in Nest and, if you're not already, become a member. If you're already a member then your share will be added to your existing Nest pension pot.

What happens if you don’t get back to us?

If we don't hear from you within 90 days of sending our letter, the money will stay in Nest and we'll enrol you as a member. You can choose to transfer your money out at a later date or leave it with us to grow.

What happens once I’m enrolled into Nest?

Within a few days of being enrolled you’ll receive a welcome pack. This will tell you all the important things you need to know about being a member. You’ll also get a Nest ID so you can start to use your online account.

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What happens if I get divorced?

Find out what happens to your Nest account if you go through a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership.