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Joining through my employer

Thanks to auto enrolment, every employer across the country is helping their staff save for the future.

If you earn above the required threshold and you’re in the right age group, your employer has to automatically enrol you into a workplace pension scheme. This means they’ll also make contributions into your pension pot. If you’re not automatically enrolled, then speak to your employer as you may still be entitled to opt in.

Am I eligible for a workplace pension?

Your employer will write to you about your workplace pension and whether you’ll be automatically enrolled. If you're not automatically enrolled, you can still opt in if you fit into one of the three categories below:

Age 16 to 22

Age 22 to State Pension age

State Pension age to age 75

Opting out

If you’ve been automatically enrolled but don’t want to save for retirement, you can opt out during your one month opt-out period. You must be enrolled before you can opt out.

Opt out now

The re-enrolment process

If you’re automatically enrolled and you opt out or pause contributions into your pot, you might be automatically re-enrolled in the future. This depends on the re-enrolment dates your employer needs to follow and whether you’re still eligible. 

The government asks your employer to do this every three years to give you more chances to think about whether it’s the right time to start saving for retirement. You won't be re-assessed for auto enrolment if you opted out or stopped contributions within 12 months of your re-enrolment date. Your employer will be able to tell you when their next re-enrolment date is.

Remember that small steps can add up. The earlier you start saving, the more money will go into your pot and the more time it has to grow. 

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Contractual enrolment

Your employer could also use contractual enrolment. They'll need your consent first, typically when you sign your contract of employment. Your consent allows them to deduct contributions from your salary, no matter how much you are earning. 

If you are contractually enrolled, you won't be able to opt out of the scheme but you can stop your contributions. If you choose to stop your contributions your employer may automatically enrol you at a later date.

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Understand contributions

Find how the contributions process works, helping your pension pot grow over time.