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How do I stop contributions?

You can choose to take a break or stop making contributions at any time by logging into your online account. You can stop contributions coming through your wages and any regular additional contributions that you may have set up using your online account.

You may also currently benefit from employer contributions and tax relief every time you pay into your pension pot. Stopping your contributions means you’ll no longer get these extra savings.

To stop contributions being made by your employer:

Click ‘Contributions’ from your Nest home page.

Click ‘Manage employer contributions’.

Then click ‘Stop contributions’.

This will be effective from the next pay period. Contributions may still be taken from your earnings up to the date you choose to stop contributions. For more information about when the contributions will stop you can speak to your employer.

If you’re unable to log into your online account, you can ask your employer to stop contributions for you. Alternatively you can call our automated telephone service on 0300 020 0090.

Once you’ve stopped contributions, any contributions you’ve made will stay in your Nest retirement pot until you decide to take your money out. For more information on taking your money out of Nest please see How can I take my money out of Nest at retirement?

You may be able to start making contributions through your wages again. You’ll need to speak to your employer to see if you’re still eligible for employer contributions.

If you’ve stopped contributions within the last 12 months, you may be automatically enrolled back into Nest as part of your employer’s three year re-enrolment duty. You should check with your employer to see when their re-enrolment date is and whether you’ll be enrolled back into Nest.

To stop making regular additional contributions:

From your Nest home page click ‘Contributions’ and then click ‘Regular additional contributions’.

You’ll be able to see the contribution amount and the details of the Direct Debit that you’ve set up. To stop your regular additional contributions click ‘Stop contributions’.

You’ll need to tell us if you wish to keep the Direct Debit mandate active so you can use it at a later date or cancel it completely.

Click ‘Confirm’ once you’ve selected one of these options.

Click ‘Yes, stop these contributions’.

You’ll then see a message confirming that your regular additional contributions have been stopped.

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