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Talking to your workers

Welcome to your pension communication toolkit, packed with everything from template notice letters to posters, flyers and more.

Your pension duties

You have a legal duty to tell your staff about their pension rights and whether they’ll be enrolled into your scheme.

We’ve created a guide that tells you exactly what you need to send, and when. We’ve also created a template letter that you can adapt to cover off your pension duties.

How to engage your employees

Want to know how to talk to your employees about their workplace pension? We’ve got you covered with content designed for specific stages of your employees’ lives.

A good pension scheme is a valuable recruitment tool. Make sure all your new starters appreciate the full benefit of your offering with our range of content, including a presentation on Nest and auto enrolment that you might find useful when inducting new staff or explaining how your Nest pension scheme works.

Employment contract insert (doc)
Joining email (doc)
Welcome to Nest presentation (ppt)

From our award-winning responsible investment strategy to plain-talking content that helps employees navigate retirement planning with ease, Nest has a lot to offer. Help your staff make more of their pension with our range of posters, flyers, emails and more.

How to log in for the first time
Your employees are likely to collect several pension pots over their lifetime. Make sure your employees won’t lose track of their Nest savings by encouraging them to log in to their account and update their contact details.

Email (doc)
Payslip messages (doc)
Poster (pdf)
Flyer (pdf)

Growing members’ money with responsible investment
Studies show that 3 out of 4 employees under the age of 40 would leave their employer if they felt they weren’t having a positive impact on the world around them. Choosing Nest demonstrates your commitment to these values, thanks to our forward-looking climate change policy and support for workers’ rights.

Investment email (doc)
Investment payslip messages (doc)
Investment poster (pdf)
Investment flyer (pdf)

Getting the annual statement
We send members their annual statement between April and June, helping them work out whether their pension is on track. Help your staff keep an eye out for their statements with our set of dedicated communications from March to April to encourage your staff to keep an eye out for their statements.

Annual statement email (doc)
Annual statement payslip messages (doc)
Annual statement poster (pdf)
Annual statement flyer (pdf)

You need to re-enrol employees who’ve opted out of your pension scheme every three years. Keep these employees informed so they’re not hit with any surprises when their first pension contribution is taken out of their pay.

Re-enrolment flyer (pdf)
Re-enrolment poster (pdf)
Re-enrolment payslip messages (doc)
Re-enrolment email (doc)

Want to know how to help your staff as they approach retirement? We’ve created content to help you begin the conversation well before State Pension age. After all, it’s never too early to start planning for retirement.

Retirement email (doc)
Retirement flyer (pdf)

Last updated: 10/20

© Nest Corporation 2020. All rights reserved. The communications available on this webpage are only to be used by participating employers of Nest. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the correct communication is issued in the circumstances. The user should ensure that it is in receipt of the current version of the communication before issuing it by regularly checking this webpage for updated versions. If you are in any doubt about how pensions legislation applies to you we recommend that you seek specialist legal advice. We don’t make any representation or warranty, express or implied, that the communications available on this webpage are accurate, complete or error free. We don’t accept responsibility for any loss caused as a result of reliance on the communications contained on this webpage, which are intended to be for guidance only, nor do we accept responsibility for loss caused due to any inaccuracy, incompleteness or error.

Your essential communication guide

Get the lowdown from The Pensions Regulator on what you can and can’t say to your employees about their pension scheme.

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