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Who'll be enrolled?

Auto enrolment only applies to certain workers, depending on their age and earnings. Other workers can ask you to enrol them and you may or may not have to pay contributions for them. Instead of automatically enrolling only eligible workers, you can choose to immediately enrol all workers when they first start work with you.

Different workers in your organisation have different rights, based on how old they are and how much they earn. Make sure you’re using the latest figures when you assess your workers. The earnings trigger for automatic enrolment is reviewed by the government every year and might change. The figures shown here are for the 2020/21 tax year. These figures do not apply to workers who have been contractually enrolled.

An illustration showing which workers will be automatically enrolled and which will need to be enrolled if they ask.


You’ll have to make a minimum contribution for all the workers you automatically or contractually enrol and for many of the workers who ask to join. This is usually made up of money from your workers’ pay, money from you and tax relief from the government.

Telling your workers what's happening

You’re required as part of your duties to let your workers know what’s happening. This includes telling them about the scheme you’ve chosen to use and what pension rights they have. We’ve got communications templates and guidelines to help.

Last updated: 06/20