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Delegated access

We know from our research that a lot of employers having to run an auto-enrolment pension scheme have one word on their minds: help.

That’s why we’ve created Nest’s delegated access functionality. This lets employers hand over some or all of the tasks involved in setting up and administering Nest to someone else. This could be one or more people in their own organisation or a third party, such as an accountant, a payroll provider, a financial adviser or anyone else who helps them with their business.

Individual delegates

Individual delegates are people in the employer organisation that the employer assigns to look after Nest. They might be assigned a specific task – such as enrolling workers, calculating contributions or making payments – given overall responsibility or just given ‘read only’ access to make sure everything’s going correctly.

You can appoint as many individual delegates as your organisation needs. It’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got sufficient cover for all the different tasks in case someone’s away at a vital time or leaves your organisation.

Graphic explaining delegates

Nest Connect

Nest Connect is our online hub for professionals like financial advisers, accountants and payroll bureau that are helping employers administer their pension scheme with Nest. Nest Connect is a totally free and simple way to provide automatic enrolment services to your clients.

To use Nest Connect you’ll need to set up your own delegate organisation account with Nest. From there you can access all your clients’ accounts and set up logins for the people in your own organisation who are helping them.

Graphic explaining Nest Connect

Delegated access for members

Saving with Nest is very simple and straightforward. However, we know that some people have difficulty accessing the information they need from Nest. This could be because English is their second language or they have difficulty using their online account.

We’ve added a delegate function to our online accounts to help these members. By appointing a delegate they’re able to quickly and easily get any help they need managing their Nest account.

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