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Using Nest Connect

Nest Connect is our online hub for professionals. It’s an ideal solution for financial advisers, accountants and payroll providers. And it’s completely free for you to use.

Sign up for Nest Connect

  • Provide a complete cost-effective service to any employer, from set-up to ongoing management.
  • Easily view and manage all your client accounts in one place so you don’t need to log in every time.
  • Add as many people as you need from your organisation to help you manage client accounts.
  • Save time and effort with our smart online functionality, tools and templates.

How Nest Connect works for professionals

Why Nest Connect works for advisers

  • You can approach employers with a ready-made business model, saving time and effort across the auto enrolment lifecycle.
  • It lets you control what services you offer to your clients, from ongoing maintenance to a full end-to-end solution.

Case study: Bernard Rust, operations manager, financial planning, PK group

Why Nest Connect works for accountants

  • According to our research, around 20,000 employers will turn to their accountant for auto enrolment advice in 2015.
  • Signing up with Nest Connect means you can offer all your clients the help they need from one central log in.

Case study: Chris Wallace, managing director Visionary Accountants

Targeting your services

Different levels of delegated access mean that you can focus your Nest Connect services where your clients need it most. You can take on as much of the administration of Nest as you and your clients agree.

As a ‘full access delegate’ you can manage the whole process for your client from set-up and enrolments to managing statutory communications, contributions and payments. It’s the type of service you can offer on its own or as part of an integrated employee benefits or payroll package to your clients.

An image showing how nest manages third party involvement

Many employers will want to set up Nest themselves and then hand over the day-to-day running of their account to someone else. As a ‘general delegate’ you can put together contributions schedules and payments and administer new enrolments and opt outs. It allows you to offer a suite of selected services that your clients can use in a way that meets their needs.

An image showing delegated access for employers

Your clients might want to manage the scheme themselves but ask you to make sure it’s running smoothly for them. This could be particularly useful for employers using certification when they’re required to review the earnings basis and contributions and deal with record keeping. If you’re a ‘read-only delegate’ it allows you to keep giving the detailed high-level advice your clients need without spending time on administrative tasks they can manage themselves.



Last updated 08/19

Who’s using Nest?

Professionals like you are already using Nest to help clients with their new workplace pension duties. This includes payroll providers, accountants and financial advisers.

Build your business

Auto enrolment is a great opportunity to expand the services you offer existing clients. And it means that thousands of employers will be looking for help for the first time.