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Payroll integration

We want to make Nest as easy as possible for everyone to use. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative solution to make the data management process more straightforward.

Web services for payroll integration

Employers can run the Nest scheme - whatever payroll system they’re using. Now we’re working with leading payroll providers on web services to make sending data even simpler.

This innovation simplifies the exchange of information between employers and Nest by enabling payroll software to ‘talk’ to Nest. That means employers can manage Nest through their payroll software, meeting their day-to-day auto enrolment duties without needing to log into their Nest account.

Payroll providers currently developing or offering Nest web services

If you’re a payroll software developer or provider and would like to develop our web services, please see our technical guides and information on our testing facility.

Other ways of getting information to Nest

You can also submit data to us directly. If you prefer, you can continue to do this after the relevant payroll software provider starts offering our web services functionality.

We’ve created a range of guides and tools to help you find the most practical and cost-effective ways to exchange data with Nest. These include:

Last updated: 08/20