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How you can help your clients

We’ve outlined three broad types of support you could offer to suit the needs of all your clients.

At the most basic level you can simply inform your clients about their duties and advise them to use Nest. You don’t need to be authorised by the FCA to offer this service. Providing guidance on scheme selection isn’t classed as regulated activity so long as you don’t give financial advice to individual employees or offer advice on a scheme’s investment funds.

After they’ve chosen Nest, employers can set up their scheme and do almost everything online, whenever it suits them. You don’t have to provide any more services and your client will appreciate having a scheme that meets all their duties.

After choosing Nest some clients will want help deciding how best to use it in their organisation.

They’ll need help working out who has to be enrolled, how much to contribute and how Nest fits with their payroll and HR processes. And after they’ve made the key decisions about how they’ll use Nest there’s the business of creating their account, setting up contribution schedules and integrating the scheme with existing systems.

After you’ve set them up, they’ll be able to manage the ongoing administration for themselves.

A lot of clients won’t have the extra time or resources to sort out pension contributions for their workers in every payroll cycle. This could be a specific ongoing service that you offer. Some will also want someone to monitor their scheme to make sure it’s compliant. For example, if they’re using certification they might also want you to handle the paperwork. Your expertise in dealing with regulatory issues will add value for your clients.

An illustration of the different services professionals can offer their clients. Signposting, guidance, getting them up and running, managing their scheme and supporting compliance and monitoring.

How you can work with Nest

Nest Connect is our free online hub that makes it easy for you to offer a complete service for your clients, from set-up to ongoing administration of the scheme. Straightforward to use and loaded with smart functionality, it lets you take on as much of the setting up and running of Nest as you and your clients want.

With Nest Connect you can offer cost effective support to any number of clients and manage them all using just one account. You’ll also be able to add extra users and divide the workload among your team in a way that suits you.

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Nest Connect

Nest Connect is our online hub for professionals. It’s an ideal solution for financial advisers, accountants and payroll providers. And it’s completely free for you to use.

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Build your business

There are a lot of different levels of service you can offer your clients.

How you can build your business

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At Nest, we want to make it as easy as possible for payroll providers like you to use our service.

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Consumer duty

We've published a consumer duty target market statement to help you support your clients. 

Our policies and plans

Making it easier for payroll providers

Nest Connect saves you time and reduces the risk of errors by letting you manage multiple accounts from one online hub.

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