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Using Nest with your clients

Our research shows that up to three-quarters of employers will be looking for help to get ready for auto enrolment. They’ve told us that they’ll turn to professionals like accountants, bookkeepers, payroll providers, financial advisers and employee benefits consultants for support.

Making sure you’re ready to help these thousands of employers will be the key to adding value for clients and getting the most from the new pensions market.

How you can help your clients

We’ve found that compliance is where your clients are likely to want the most support. Many will also want help with setting up a scheme and ongoing administration.

We’ve outlined three broad types of support you could offer to suit the needs of all your clients.

An illustration of the different services professionals can offer their clients. Signposting, guidance, getting them up and running, managing their scheme and supporting compliance and monitoring.

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How you can work with Nest

Nest Connect is our free online hub that makes it easy for you to offer a complete service for your clients, from set up to ongoing administration of the scheme. Straightforward to use and loaded with smart functionality, it lets you take on as much of the setting up and running of Nest as you and your clients want.

With Nest Connect you can offer cost effective support to any number of clients and manage them all using just one account. You’ll also be able to add extra users and divide the workload among your team in a way that suits you.

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What services do your clients need?

In our research we asked employers what their main challenges are as they approach auto enrolment. Their top answers show the type of services they’ll need from professionals like you.

Employers are concerned about How Nest can help you support clients
Ongoing day-to-day administration

Our online hub, Nest Connect, lets you provide your clients with as much help as they need, from set up to day-to-day running of the scheme.

You can take on as much as your clients want you to, or partner with someone else to provide an integrated service. For example, you could work closely with a payroll provider or even people that work for the employer, like their HR staff.

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Setting up a new pension scheme for some or all workers

Nest offers everything an employer needs to meet their new duties on its own. But Nest can also sit alongside an existing scheme to cater for a specific section of their workforce.

Whether you’re setting up and managing Nest on your client’s behalf or just finding out about it so you can advise them how to do it themselves, Nest has guides and resources to help.

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Communicating to workers about auto enrolment

We have clear and concise resources to let workers know about Nest and auto enrolment.

These include templates that can be adapted for use by your clients and easily incorporated with other information they want to give to their workers.

These fulfil all the regulatory communications, but we go one step further to help workers understand what pension saving means to them. This means fewer questions from workers about the scheme, saving you and your client from having to spend time explaining the basics.

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Dealing with payroll integration

Nest works seamlessly with any payroll software and middleware.

We’re now working closely with payroll providers to develop ‘web services’ that allow you to send data to Nest directly from payroll software.

By being able to manage day-to-day tasks without logging into Nest, you and your clients can save time and also benefit from faster processing and cleaner data.

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Identifying which workers are eligible and making sure they’re enrolled

While our online functionality and tools simplify technical tasks like enrolments, we don’t perform worker assessment.

This means this could be a value-added service you can provide for all of your clients that use Nest, at every pay cycle.




Last updated 08/19

Need a helping hand?

Our online help centre contains step-by-step guidance to using Nest. It can also help you explain to your clients what auto enrolment means for them and how Nest works.

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