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NEST Connector case studies

NEST Connect is our free, online hub designed to make it easy to administer auto enrolment. It’s being used right now by thousands of professionals to help their clients meet their pension duties. They include financial advisers, accountants, payroll experts and other auto enrolment professionals.

With more and more employers looking for help with auto enrolment, the functionality of NEST Connect enables professionals to meet the demand and provide cost-effective auto enrolment services.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it – see what some of our NEST Connectors have to say.

NEST Connect for accountants

Case study: Chris Wallace, managing director, Visionary Accountants

"NEST Connect is just so user-friendly and flexible."

Watch the video or read the case study

Case study: Chay Took, staff partner and head of payroll services, Kreston Reeves

"The success of NEST Connect is judged by how seamless it is."

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NEST Connect for financial advisers

Case study: Sonal Shah, finance director, HFS Milbourne

"We looked at several providers and NEST seems to be the best simple, cost-effective solution that there is."

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Why NEST Connect works for Laurence

“NEST is absolutely built for high volume auto enrolment. With NEST Connect it takes just 20 to 30 minutes per employer sign-up. That kind of efficiency is key if we’re going to meet demand and keep the service cost effective for employers.”

Case study: Laurence Sanderson, independent financial consultant, Sterling & Law

Why NEST Connect works for Bernard

“The beauty of NEST Connect lies in its simplicity and the slick online process. This adds up to a more streamlined, efficient, cost effective package, which suits both my firm and my clients. It’s perfect for offering a workable solution for auto enrolment.”

Case study: Bernard Rust, operations manager, financial planning, PK group

NEST Connect for payroll experts

Why NEST Connect works for Anna

“NEST Connect is compatible with our in-house software and the right fit for our business model. The ability to see all the contributors from a single log-in makes a huge difference in terms of time and effort at peak times of the month.”

Case study: Anna Villani, payroll manager, Harper Morris

NEST Connect for auto enrolment professionals

Case study: Chris Lawson, director at LP Auto Enrolment Solutions Ltd

"NEST is going to be very important for us as part of our auto enrolment proposition."

Watch the video or read the case study

Why NEST Connect works for Janet

“NEST Connect gives us the control we need to run our clients’ accounts. Employers have to accept NEST’s terms and conditions online to grant delegated access. But that’s it. We do the rest. It couldn’t be simpler.”

Case study: Janet Bower, Administration Director, RCL Consultancy

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If you’re already helping employers administer their business, you can add value to your clients – and attract new ones - by becoming a NEST Connector.

© NEST Corporation 2017. All rights reserved. These case studies are examples of professionals helping employers who have been using NEST. This information doesn’t constitute financial, investment or professional advice. NEST doesn’t make any personal recommendation or give advice to employers and their workers. If you’re considering using NEST you might want to consider seeking advice from a qualified professional. The NEST trademarks and trade names used above are owned by NEST Corporation and should not be used in any way without our permission.

Using NEST Connect

See more about NEST Connect, including our webinar showing how it works in practice and the ways you can use it to expand your auto enrolment business.