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Nest Insight

Nest Insight is a collaborative research unit set up by Nest Corporation to understand and address the challenges facing Nest members and other defined contribution savers.

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The past decade has seen unprecedented changes to the UK pensions landscape as policymakers and providers have worked to address plummeting savings levels and a widening gap between pensions ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. Automatic enrolment has brought millions of people into pension saving but there remain significant challenges, including:

  • how to engage people who start saving through a default mechanism
  • how to support self-employed people to save
  • how to help people save at an adequate level
  • how to improve people’s overall financial wellbeing today and into retirement
  • how to help people make good choices when they retire.

We designed Nest to be an easy, transparent and empowering workplace pension scheme that suits the needs of the new generation of defined contribution (DC) pension savers. We’ve taken a strongly evidence-based approach, working in partnership with universities and other research specialists, and conducting consultations to inform our approach. To face the challenges ahead, we set up Nest Insight in 2016 to understand and help solve the challenges facing people whose supplementary retirement income depends on DC savings.

Nest Insight’s work builds on our well-established research programme and our access to a unique body of data. The unit works in partnership with academics, innovators and policymakers to design solutions that help people make good choices as they prepare for later life.

Nest Insight deliver a programme of research, publications and events, with a focus on practical solutions and on sharing best practice, both nationally and abroad. By opening Nest’s rich data set to researchers, we’re generating insights that will improve the retirement outcomes of millions of DC savers worldwide.

Last updated: 09/20