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We regularly seek the views of interested parties and experts on particular subjects. One of the ways we gather views on various topics is through consultation. What we learn from these consultations can be and has been used for a range of different purposes including:

  • helping make decisions on creating Nest
  • advising government on designing Nest
  • making changes to the scheme processes or technical information.

We also respond to consultations set up by others to share our research and experience where we think it would be helpful. Find these on our position papers page.


Past Nest consultations

On 13 November 2017, we published a consultation on proposed changes to the Nest rules. The consultation closed on 29 December 2017. This response summarises the comments we received and our response to them. 

We have implemented all but one of the changes we consulted on, from 6 April 2018. We are continuing to consider the rule change concerning death benefits and the exercise of discretion and will provide further detail in due course.

Read the full rule change consultation document.

View our response to the NEST rules change consultation (PDF)

We proposed some changes to the Nest rules in 2017. These included changes which would align the Nest rules with proposed changes to the Nest Order. The changes included contractual enrolment into Nest and a proposal to introduce the ability for Nest members to opt in to the exercise of Trustee discretion on death benefits, where those members have concerns about inheritance tax. The proposals also included giving the Trustee the ability to cease the participation of ‘dormant’ employers who have not contributed to Nest for a specified period of time, by giving notice to the employers.

We plan to issue a response to this consultation by 29 March 2018.

Read the full rule change consultation document.

Rules change consultation January 2016

On 20 January 2016 we published a consultation on proposed changes to the Nest rules.  The consultation closed on 21 March 2016. This response summarises the comments we received, and our response to them.

It confirms our intention to implement all but one of the changes we consulted on. We do not currently intend to implement a change to our rules to allow members’ pots to remain open after they’ve taken all their money out of Nest, but will revisit this in future.

View our response to the NEST rules change consultation (PDF)

Read the full Rule change consultation (PDF)

A retirement income blueprint for Nest's members

Full consultation response

In June 2015 we published a further response to The future of retirement consultation. This details the Nest Trustee’s blueprint for a core retirement income strategy that would best meet the needs of a significant proportion of Nest members.

We received a broad spectrum of formal and informal responses to the consultation. These included contributions from asset managers, insurance companies, consumer groups, trade bodies, think tanks, advisers and consultants, as well as overseas pension schemes.

Read Nest’s full consultation response A retirement income blueprint for NEST's members (PDF).

Interim findings

In March 2015 we published an interim document setting out some of the high-level themes emerging from the broad range of responses to the consultation, as well as emerging evidence from other organisations.

This document set out six guiding principles to inform the design of default retirement solutions for DC-dependent savers.

Read Guiding principles for the design of retirement pathways for the automatically enrolled generation (PDF).

The future of retirement consultation

In the 2014 Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced changes to the ways that savers in pension schemes could use their retirement pots. The 2014 Pensions Bill also sets out additional options for occupational pensions to share risks. These changes provide a different regulatory framework for defined contribution (DC) pension schemes.

We believe that the best way for us to develop our approach in light of significant regulatory change is through primary research, reviewing research conducted by other organisations and by seeking the expert views of colleagues in the industry.

In November 2014 we published the consultation report The future of retirement (PDF) in order to develop:

  • a thorough understanding of the needs and aspirations of Nest’s current and future membership
  • better ways of engaging with members about their retirement options
  • a better understanding of available approaches to investment and accessing savings in the current market
  • an idea of how the market is likely to develop and innovate in response to consumer demand

We proposed some changes to the Nest rules in 2012. They reflected changes to legislation and small tweaks allowing us to simplify our processes.

Nest's governing documentation is set out in the scheme order, which establishes the legal structure, and the scheme rules, which set out how Nest will operate in practice. These were published in March 2010 and two changes were made to the rules following a consultation in 2011.

On 30 October 2012 we began a consultation period on the proposals. At the same time, the DWP was consulting on a number of minor changes to the Nest order. This consultation can be found at

View the summary of responses on our rule change consultation (PDF).

Read the full rule change consultation (PDF).

The Pensions Act 2008 required the pension scheme we now know as Nest to be established. Nest’s predecessor the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA) and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) issued a joint consultation paper called the draft scheme order and rules. This was to help determine how the scheme would work.

View the summary of responses on the scheme order and rules, October 2009 (PDF).

Read an overview of the consultation on the legal structure of NEST (PDF, 88KB).

In May 2009 PADA published a discussion paper to support the public consultation process on designing an investment approach for Nest.

View the investment consultation response, November 2009 (PDF).

Read an overview of investment consultation (PDF).

Read the full consultation (PDF).

A key challenge for the design of Nest is how members secure a retirement income. This consultation was initiated in December 2008.

View the summary of responses on securing a retirement income, May 2009 (PDF).

Read an overview of the securing a retirement income consultation (PDF)​.

To pay for its set up and running costs, Nest needs to charge its scheme members. The government proposed a combination charge that would be made up of an annual management charge (AMC) and a charge on contributions.

View the summary of responses on choosing a charging structure, July 2008 (PDF).

Read an overview of choosing a charging structure consultation (PDF).

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