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Employee testimonials

Photo of Keith Wong

testimonial "I joined Nest as a Trainee Test Analyst right after graduating from university, and I was looking for a place to ease into a career. I do not think I could have found a place better than Nest, as they take pride in work-life balance and encouraging employees to work in a way that suits them best, which I feel has allowed individuals to develop their own work habits.

As a new starter, I have learnt a vast amount in my first few months, which consisted of training with the majority of the testing team and various other teams, which really showed me how approachable, knowledgeable and friendly the employees at Nest are. They are very open to sharing knowledge and are happy to offer help when it is needed, and I have never felt there was a shortage of support at any time.

Nest also encourages employees to take up offsite training or additional qualifications that you are interested in, or may benefit your skillset and personal development. I recently took a 5-day JavaScript introductory course which Nest has fully supported me for and am due to go on another course for Agile testing/development very soon. As someone who worried a little about joining a corporate organisation as a first job, I could not be happier with my current role, work environment and ability to progress."

Keith from the Test and Quality Assurance team

Photo of Georgia Smith

testimonial "I applied to the Policy Analyst role at Nest knowing a bit about the scheme as I had previously signed up as a self-employed member. After completing an MSc in public policy, working in financial services might not seem an obvious choice, but because Nest supports ordinary people to save for retirement it occupies a different space in the industry. For me, it was important to work somewhere that is doing something positive for society and Nest has that social purpose.

My role has given me the opportunity to learn about the huge breadth of work at Nest - from investment strategy to product design – and people are always generous with sharing their time and knowledge. There is a great range of experience here, from city high-flyers to former civil servants who helped to deliver auto enrolment policy. Now Nest is a scheme with over 9 million members and that sense of responsibility is taken very seriously throughout the organisation.

Nest’s executive team are accessible, the culture is open and not too corporate, and staff events like the quarterly town halls help to bring different teams together. I appreciate having access to the cycle to work scheme and volunteering days. I was also really impressed with the seamless office move to Canary Wharf in 2018. Flexible working is supported at all levels at Nest and several colleagues have taken extended paternity leave which sets a great example.

Admittedly, telling new people that you “work in pensions” can be a bit awkward. After a couple of seconds of silence, I usually find there’s a flood of questions as people are keen to demystify what pensions involve."

Georgia from the Strategy team

Photo of Jack Magen

testimonial "Before joining Nest, all I knew was that they provided auto enrolment services. Being unfamiliar with finance and pensions, I thought it was going to be difficult to learn about a new industry, but everyone has been very helpful in sharing their knowledge about Nest and pensions in general.
People here are really approachable. You feel like you can go to anyone with any questions – especially technical ones as people are passionate about what they do. My manager has been very supportive since day one, entrusting me with a lot of responsibility which I didn’t have in previous roles. It’s given me trust that Nest will always be available when I need support.

Nest is also great at understanding that employees need a work/life balance and have offered flexible hours when I’ve needed them. Something really great they do is an induction workshop where new starters are taught about the history of the company and the direction it’s looking to go. It’s really interesting to see how far the company has come since its formation and that it’s got exciting ideas for the future."

Jack from the Customer Engagement team 

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