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A winning approach for all

Nest was designed to serve a new generation of savers; a pension scheme for everyone, particularly those who never had access to pensions before. This included giving them access to sophisticated investments the way higher earners in the past would have had. 

Now over 99% of our members are saving into our award-winning Nest Retirement Date Funds. These funds have a sophisticated investment risk management approach which aims to improve the quality and consistency of members’ returns. Our team of in-house experts have constructed diversified global funds with the goal of performing consistently in different economic and market conditions. They’ve done this by ensuring our members’ money is diversified both in different asset classes and geographically. 

Over the last five years, on average, we’ve delivered consistently strong returns while taking less investment risk with our members’ money. This is particularly impressive as we’ve navigated through unprecedented times with COVID, the Ukraine war, and inflation rising all having a significant impact on financial markets. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Our investment strategy has been recognised by our industry peers and won multiple awards.

This year Nest won the European Pensions award in the Best Investment Strategy category as well as the Corporate Adviser awards in the Ultimate Default Fund category. 

Earlier this year, we also won the Pensions Age Investment Innovation award, which we have been awarded for our innovation in private market investments- a further example of how truly diversified and sophisticated our Retirement Date Funds are.

Here is a full list of our 2022 awards: 

Corporate adviser awards 2022
European pensions awards winner 2022

Published 21 December 2022