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Learning and career development

Learning and career development

Developing your career, gaining skills and reaching your potential in the workplace benefits both you and the people we serve.


Claudia from the Recruitment team

"I wanted to progress further in my career as an HR coordinator, so decided to study for a HR CIPD qualification. I was supported by our learning and development team and my line manager, and Nest covered the cost of my course. This was a great benefit, allowing me to grow and develop. I also received support in building my confidence in the workplace by taking a course on influencing and negotiation. In the future I plan on developing my project management skills too. Nest really supports learning and career development across the board."


Leo from the Diversity and Inclusion team

"Nest have allowed me to study for my masters whilst I work. The flexibility around doing my full-time role and studying part time complement together perfectly and this is due to work life balance, allowing me to excel in both in my own time. Also I have the opportunity to implement the learning of my degree with the opportunity to work shadow in the future at Nest with the full support of my line manager."

Last updated: 12/20