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Flexible and agile working

Flexible and agile working

Flexible working

A good work life balance improves employee productivity, happiness and satisfaction. With this in mind, we have implemented a flexible working policy. There are different forms of flexible working and we allow staff to:

  • Reduce or vary their working hours
  • Reduce or vary the days worked
  • Work from home (from a different location)
  • Work compressed hours, and
  • Start a job share


Marianne from the People and Development team

"The key thing for me is being able to pick up my children from school one day a week. Additionally, I’m able to leave the office slightly early so I can come home at a suitable time to have dinner with the family. This is the best work-life balance I’ve had in my career. I also work from home one day a week."



Paulyne from the Learning and Development team

"I started at Nest as a temp working full time and really liked it here. After a few months the position became permanent and fortunately I was offered the permanent role. At that point I asked if I could go down to four days per week and my request was granted. I now have Mondays off and really look forward to getting out of bed on a Tuesday morning."

Last updated: 09/20