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NEST web services for payroll integration

We know that effective payroll integration will be critical for many thousands of employers. That’s why we’ve developed web services to streamline the data transfer process.

We’ve listened to payroll industry feedback and worked closely with leading suppliers of payroll packages to design an API that allows seamless data transfer between payroll software to NEST. This is a solution that can be used by any payroll provider or employer.

If you’re a payroll software provider or developer, you can use our technical guides to help you build our new web service functionality.

About our web services

  • Developed with leading payroll software providers
  • Nine separate web services for specific business functions, including enrolling workers and retrieving opted out workers
  • Fully flexible so you can choose to build just some or all of our nine web services
  • Free testing platform available to developers who register with us

Technical guides

Below you’ll find the latest versions of the technical instructions you’ll need to integrate your payroll platform with NEST web services.

Register for testing

Once you’ve completed the technical development and are ready to start using our testing facility, complete this registration form (PDF)  and email it to us at