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Employers' and Members' Panel

How Nest engages with employers and members

The Pensions Act 2008 requires Nest to establish an Employers’ Panel and a Members’ Panel.

The purpose of these panels is to allow employers and members to tell us what they think about Nest and what’s important to them, to make sure that their voices are heard.

How are panel members selected?

Nest advertises appointments publicly and chooses members based on merit. We make these appointments openly and transparently.

Appointments will last for a term of two to four years, at the end of which each member can apply for a further term.

What do the panels do?

The panels provide a forum for employers and members to give their perspectives on Nest and contribute to a range of key issues and activities. They also ensure Nest takes their views into account, raising concerns at Board level.

They act as a sounding board for ideas and recommendations on key issues affecting Nest’s employers and members.

Employers’ Panel

The Employers’ Panel enables employers to give their perspective on Nest and contribute to a range of issues and activities.

Members’ Panel

The Members’ Panel allows Nest to take the views and considerations of members into account.

Could you be a part of the future of Nest?

We’re looking for employers, members and stakeholders to help guide the future of Nest as part of our Employers’ and Members’ Panels.

Last updated: 07/20