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Independent financial advisers

As an IFA, when you recommend NEST to your clients, you’ll want to know they’re getting a good quality product. We work with leading fund managers to access a wide variety of global assets. Our experienced in-house team then creates funds tailored to the age our members expect to retire. So you can feel confident they’re getting a great investment.

Our user guide for IFAs takes you through how it all works.

Get the best value for your clients

When running the scheme, our trustees have to consider the long-term interests of our members. So your clients will get the best outcome from their investment.

We also make sure that our scheme is of the highest quality and right for a broad range of people, ages and industries. This is because we know that nearly all people automatically enrolled into a pension scheme stay in the fund they’re first put into.

So whether your clients are 16 or 75, we think it will work for them.

Constantly evolving

Our awards show how successful we’ve been, but that doesn’t mean that we’re happy to rest on our laurels. We’re constantly learning and making improvements. Our recent innovations to improve the way the scheme is delivered include web services for payroll integration. This creates a simple and straightforward service that matches the way you work, and the way your clients pay their workers.

We’re committed to continually researching how to deliver the highest quality investment product and the most efficient scheme.
We gather feedback from the people we work with and listen closely to employers, as well as IFAs like you. We make it easy to submit feedback online and we respond within 20 days.

Safety in numbers

When you choose to recommend NEST to a client, you’ll be in good company. A third of businesses who’ve already had to set up a work-place pension have done so with us.

They’re businesses of all different sizes with a variety of pay grades and expectations. So as an IFA, you can be confident our scheme will be suitable for your clients.

They’ve chosen us because of our commitment to delivering the best scheme possible for our over three and a half million members.

Keep things simple

At NEST, we think it’s important that our members understand how we look after their money and their likely retirement outcomes so they can make more-informed decisions. So we make our communications as easy to understand as possible, which keeps things simple for you.

Become a NEST Connector

Thousands of employers are being affected by auto enrolment. The efficiencies of NEST Connect can help you meet demand and offer cost-effective services to the new pensions market.