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When you work with your client to choose a Nest pension, you’ll be in good company. It’s one of the reasons that over 700,000 organisations have signed up with us.

We work with businesses of all different sizes with a variety of pay grades and expectations. So you can be confident that our scheme will be suitable for your clients.

Developed with accountants in mind

At Nest, we want to make it as easy as possible for accountants to use our service. So we’ve made sure our scheme integrates seamlessly into payroll software such as Moneysoft, Sage, Iris and many others.

This automates how employers can submit payroll data, reducing your workload and the risk of errors.

Indeed you’ll find that we’ll help you to simplify your month-to-month payroll obligations.

Our user guide for accountants takes you through how it all works.

Manage multiple accounts with Nest Connect

We’ve developed Nest Connect to make it easier for accountants to manage multiple accounts. It means you can access these from one hub, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

Extra help for accountants

At Nest, we want to make your life as an accountant easier. So we’ve developed our online help centre so you can get the support you want. With over 700 pages, including step-by-step guides and FAQs about how the scheme works, you should be able to access all the help you need.

A scheme you can trust

We were set up by government specifically to deal with auto enrolment. We follow auto enrolment best practice, making it easy for accountants like you to enrol your clients and stay compliant.

And because we’re a trust-based scheme, our main objective is to provide the best outcome for our members’ investment.

Keep things simple

At Nest, we think it’s important that our members understand how we look after their money and their likely retirement outcomes so they can make more informed decisions. So we make our communications as easy to understand as possible.

Help your client choose a quality scheme

When you work with your client to select a Nest pension, you can feel confident that they’ll be getting a quality scheme. We work with leading fund managers to access a wide variety of global assets. Our experienced in-house team then blends these to create bespoke funds for your clients.

We also aim to get the most for your clients by taking the right investment risk at the right time in their saving plan. So what’s right when members first start saving won’t be the same as when they get closer to retirement.

And our experts are focused on growing your clients’ money without taking undue risk. We invest across a wide range of global assets to help make the most of the opportunities and manage the risks.

A scheme to suit all needs

At Nest, we make sure that our scheme is of the highest quality and right for a broad range of people, ages and industries. This is because we know that nearly all people automatically enrolled into a pension scheme stay in the fund they’re first put into.

So whether your clients are 16 or 75, we think it will work for them.

Not just good for your clients

Because we want to get the best returns for our members over time, we think carefully about where we invest their money. We consider how companies and markets operate and how they treat people and the environment as these factors are likely to affect their long-term performance.




Last updated 08/19