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Using Nest

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Nest was set up by the government to make auto enrolment as simple as possible. For employers, this means having straightforward processes and plenty of guidance on how to set up and manage Nest. For members it means making it easy to save and to do the things that can improve your outcome. And for accountants, payroll providers and financial advisers it means making it easy to help your clients with auto enrolment.

Nest is an online scheme. This means that all the day-to-day tasks involved with pensions can be managed quickly and easily by logging in and going straight to your online account. Whether you’re saving with Nest, using it for your workers or helping your clients set up a scheme, you can do it all whenever and wherever it suits you.

For employers

You can access your Nest account and do whatever you need, whenever it suits you, putting you in control of managing your pension scheme. We’ve designed tools to simplify technical tasks, including pre-set enrolment types and electronic member opt-outs.

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For members

You can use your online account to manage your investment options, change contribution levels, make one-off contributions, and transfer pension pots. All messages we send you – including your annual statement – are stored in a secure mailbox so that you’ve got a record of everything in one place.

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For professionals

Nest Connect is our online hub for professionals helping their employer clients with auto enrolment. By opening a delegate organisation account you can set up and manage Nest for any number of clients using one login to keep track of everything. Whether you’re a payroll provider, accountant, financial adviser or anyone else helping clients with auto enrolment, Nest’s online functionality makes it easy for you to offer support.

Become a Nest Connector

Nest is free for employers to use and has low charges for members, with no charge for transferring pots in or out. We also offer our Nest Connect functionality at no cost to professionals helping employers with Nest. At the same time we offer a lot of the features and functionality you’d expect, and a wealth of online support and resources for both employers and members.

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Nest was created by the government to make sure that every employer has access to an auto enrolment workplace pension scheme. Nest doesn’t just comply with the regulations, but has been built in line with the best practice guidelines from the Department for Work and Pensions and The Pensions Regulator.

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Our Nest Retirement Date Funds have been recognised for their innovative approach. They’re based on our research into what savers want and need from their retirement savings and the latest thinking about delivering the growth and protection that our members need. By choosing Nest, you’re choosing a way of saving that’s been recognised as being at the forefront of good practice.

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Employers can use Nest as their sole scheme or use it alongside another scheme that’s in place. Nest is also ready to fit in with the business plan of professionals who are advising employers about workplace pensions. Whatever levels of service you want to offer, Nest is ready to work with you. Because Nest’s retirement pots belong to the member, they can take them with them to a new employer who uses Nest or keep contributing if they stop working or work for themselves.

Nest has been set up so that employers can get help setting up and managing Nest. They can either assign individual delegates from their own organisation or get help from a third party – like an accountant, payroll provider or financial adviser – using Nest Connect. Members can get help, too, and assign a delegate if they need help using their online account.

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At Nest we know that talking to our customers in language they can understand is one of the most important things we can do. The new pension reforms are complicated for employers and workers. They need clear information that helps them understand their options and make decisions that are right for them.

Support and resources

Award-winning scheme

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Award-winning investments

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