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Other fund choices

Real choice without overwhelming members

In addition to our NEST Retirement Date Funds, NEST offers five additional fund choices for members with different faiths, beliefs and attitudes to risk.

Our fund choices:

  • provide reassurance to members by giving them a choice away from the default strategy, so they won’t feel locked in or discriminated against
  • are clearly named and explained, so members who want to make a choice can easily understand their options so are less likely to need help and support from their employers.

Diverse funds for diverse needs

This fund is for members who are prepared to take more investment risk to try and make their retirement pot grow more.

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This fund is for members with specific concerns about the impact organisations have on the environment and society, in areas such as human rights and environmental damage. It follows three phases of investment in a similar way to the NEST Retirement Date Funds.

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This fund is for members who want an approach based on Islamic law as it relates to investing.

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This fund is for members who are very cautious while investing, so their retirement pot will be exposed to less investment risk than the NEST Retirement Date Funds. In the long term, however, it will probably grow less than other fund choices and possibly less than the cost of living.

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This fund is for members who start saving with NEST when they’re near their retirement date and know they want to buy an annuity instead of taking all their pot as cash.

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Funds for diverse risk profiles

This chart compares different NEST funds in terms of risk based on guidance given by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). The chart uses categories of 1 to 7 corresponding to different ranges of volatility.

At the lower end of the scale, the funds will see fewer ups and downs but will also have less chance of growing quickly. Funds at the higher end offer more chance of high growth but could experience sharp falls in value.

comparative risk image

See where our funds are invested

To find out where this fund is invested and how it’s performing, read the latest Quarterly investment report. 

Changing funds

To choose one of the fund choices instead of the NEST Retirement Date Funds, members need to log into their online account and go to ‘Your retirement pot'.