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Every employer in the UK will be affected by auto enrolment and will need to review how they process their payroll. For employers to meet their new duties it’s crucial that they get this right.

We’ve estimated that over 9,000 employers will turn to their existing payroll provider to help them update their systems for auto enrolment. Many more will be brand new to pension provision and will look to payroll professionals to help them meet their duties.

Watch our free webinar to see just how easy it can be to offer the flexible auto enrolment support your clients need:

How NEST can help you support clients with auto enrolment – recorded 2 February 2016

We’re ready to help you help your clients

NEST is a workplace pension scheme set up by the government specifically for auto enrolment. Our public service obligation means that any employer can use NEST to meet their duties, and we’re completely free for them to use.

We understand the challenges employers face and we designed NEST to make it easier for employers and for the professionals helping them. As part of this, NEST has developed seamless data transfer between payroll software and NEST through our web service API.

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Find out how you can use NEST with your clients

Watch our webinar, How NEST can help you meet client demand for auto enrolment

Find out how you can:

  • add value for clients through your auto-enrolment support
  • meet client demand for auto-enrolment help and increase new business
  • make full use of free, user-friendly tools like the online hub, NEST Connect, to provide cost-effective services.

See how payroll providers can offer flexible auto enrolment support by hearing from Payroll World and NEST in our webinar recorded 9 March 2016.

Managing information

Employers can use their payroll software to send information with NEST web services, saving time and administration effort when meeting day-to-day auto enrolment duties.

Client information can also be sent to NEST manually online, via file upload or file transfer. Enrol workers, manage opt-outs, pay contributions and more using any of the following options.

  • Online
  • File upload using CSV
  • File transfer using SFTP

You can log in to manually enter data. Outside of using web services, this is a quick and easy way for dealing with day-to-day tasks, particularly for employers with only a few enrolled workers or minimal changes to make. It’s also good for simpler tasks and can be used by the employer or anyone they’ve set up as their delegate.

You can upload CSV files of enrolments and contributions using our secure website. Once we’ve processed the data you’ll be able to download files from us to confirm that the data’s been processed and highlighting any issues that need to be resolved. You can also download information on any online opt-outs by workers.

You can use secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) to send us large CSV or XML files. As with file transfer, you can download files from us to confirm that the data’s been processed and highlighting any issues that need to be resolved. You can also download information on any online opt-outs by workers.

You can find simple guides to getting your files into the right format, ways of making contributions and much more in our help centre. You can also keep up to date with any changes we make to our system.

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Make help easier with NEST Connect

To help you provide the best service to your clients, we’ve set up NEST Connect. This online tool is easy to use and can integrate with all major payroll applications. And it’s free for you to use.

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Payroll professionals like you are already working with NEST in ways that suit their clients and enhance their business.

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Getting payroll information right

Get the latest guide on payroll file specifications, including item-by-item details of the formats we expect and the error messages and feedback emails we’ll send.

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