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The new duties mean that thousands of employers will need to review their pension provision and millions of workers are going to be enrolled.

Our research shows that over half of small to medium-sized employers looking for support will turn to financial advisers.

This is a huge new market that offers significant business opportunities for you.

We’re ready to help you help your clients

NEST was set up by the government specifically for auto enrolment. It’s a high-quality scheme with an award-winning investment approach that’s run solely for the benefit of our members.

We have a public service obligation to help any employer that comes to us to meet their duties. We’ve already welcomed thousands of employers, ranging from the largest to the smallest organisations in the UK. So you can be sure we’ll be ready to help your clients regardless of the size or make-up of their workforce.

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Designed around what employers need

When we designed NEST we looked carefully at what employers need and the problems they might find along the way. So we created NEST to be flexible. Whatever your clients’ needs NEST has a solution. Employers can use NEST as:

  • a sole scheme for all workers
  • an addition to an existing scheme for a particular group of workers
  • an entry-level scheme where there’s an existing scheme with a waiting period
  • a base scheme with another scheme to top up contributions
  • a catch-all scheme for eligible workers who haven’t joined an existing scheme

An illustration showing how an employer can use NEST. Alongside an existing scheme or as the sole scheme.

More than compliant

NEST has been purpose-built for the new pensions market. We’ve taken care to create a scheme that meets all the regulations and best practice guidelines.

But we don’t want to just meet the minimum standards. We do everything we can to make sure that NEST is a high-quality scheme. So when you recommend NEST to your clients, you know you’re offering a great value scheme for their workers while protecting your client from regulatory worries in the future.

We work with some of the biggest and well-respected names in the sector to offer our world-class service. Our fund administrators are State Street Bank, and the scheme administration is delivered by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). TCS is part of the Tata Group and a top 10 global IT, business solutions and outsourcing company.

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NEST has been awarded a 4 Star Rating in the auto enrolment pension category from the leading independent financial research company, Defaqto. Their ratings are designed to show the quality of features and benefits of a financial product to help people make better financial decisions. Our 4 Star Rating indicates that NEST provides a quality offering in the auto enrolment market. This means you can have even more confidence that NEST is right for your clients.

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Award-winning investment

Our default funds are a high-quality, sophisticated approach to protect and grow members’ money. We’ve also made sure that they more than measure up to best practice identified by the regulators. So your clients can offer NEST to their workers knowing it’s a great deal for everyone.

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A great value scheme

NEST is free for employers and their delegates to use. This means that any fees or charges your client gives you for advice go straight to you. It’s great value for members too, with one simple charging structure for everyone, whichever fund they choose.

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Stay on top of auto enrolment

Keep informed about all the latest developments in NEST and auto enrolment with our topical articles and regular email newsletter.

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Help from the industry

There’s a range of industry resources you can draw on to simplify auto enrolment and offer better services to your clients. The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is a good place to start.

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