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Accountants will be the first port of call for many employers looking for help with auto enrolment. According to our research, around 18,000 employers will turn to their accountant for auto enrolment advice in 2015.

Employers will be looking for help with:

  • understanding their duties to each of their workers
  • managing enrolments and opt-outs
  • calculating and processing worker contributions

How NEST can help you

The demand for auto enrolment expertise will increase dramatically in the years to come. By choosing NEST, you’ll get access to a high quality, great value scheme that any employer can use for auto enrolment. All NEST services, help and guidance can be accessed online, 24/7.

We’ve taken care to create a scheme that’s more than compliant with the new regulations and employer duties. When an employer chooses NEST, not only will they offer a great value scheme for workers, they’ll be protected from regulatory worries in the future.

Many accountancy professionals are now seeing the benefits to their business of choosing NEST as their preferred workplace pension provider.

Find out more about NEST

Watch our free webinar to see just how easy it can be to offer the flexible auto enrolment support your clients need:

How NEST can help you support clients with auto enrolment – recorded 2 February 2016

Payroll opportunities

If your business offers a payroll service, this will also be affected by auto enrolment and employers can benefit from your expertise.

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Stay on top of auto enrolment

Keep informed about all the latest developments in NEST and auto enrolment with our topical articles and regular email newsletter.

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Help from the industry

There’s a range of industry resources you can draw on to simplify auto enrolment and offer better services to your clients. The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is a good place to start.

Go to the TPR website