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The everyday items in your
pension pot

Watch Candice Brown reveal the secret ingredient in your pension pot

Candice Brown, star baker and Great British Bake Off winner, invited 4 Nest members to make a mouthwatering banoffee pie with a twist before revealing the secret ingredient in your pension pot.

Candice was already a believer in the power of a Nest pension, as both a Nest member and an employer offering a Nest pension to the hard-working staff in her pub. But she was even more of a fan when she discovered that her and her staff’s pension savings are invested in countless household brands and products that she uses at work and home.

Watch our video to see what surprises she had in store for her fellow Nest members.

Want to try your own hand at making Candice’s indulgent banoffee pie, with layers of caramel and a decadent Oreo crust?

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We took 3 Grimsby residents to explore the local windfarm their money is invested in.

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Where does your money go?

Your pension savings are invested responsibly, with an eye to issues like climate change and sustainability.

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What companies are you invested in? 

You’re invested in over 2,400 companies, including many household brands. Can you spot your favourites using our transparency tool? 

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