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Do the pensions playback

When you’re busy meeting the demands of daily life, your pension can easily slip off your to-do list. Has it been a while since you paid your pension some attention?  

The good news is you don’t have to be a financial expert to get the most out of your pension. And it doesn’t have to eat into your already busy schedule either. A few simple steps can set you on the right track for retirement.  

It’s time to stick your favourite record on and go back for your future. Do The Pensions Playback to discover the next step on your savings journey.  

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If you’ve changed jobs throughout your life, it’s likely you were enrolled in pension schemes with different providers. That means you might have pension pots from previous jobs and your money is out there waiting for you.

You can track down old pensions for free using the Pension Tracing Service. You’ll need to provide a few details about the company you worked for, as well as some basic information about yourself. They’ll use that information to search a huge database and find your old pension. 

Retro style graphic with an illustration of a trainer shoe and white and red text Lean into what you've got today

When taking control of your financial future, there’s no time like the present. 

The easiest step you can take today is to log in to your Nest online account and check your current balance.  If you’re logging in for the first time, you’ll need your Nest ID, your National Insurance number and your date of birth. 

Once you’re logged in, you can update your contact details, enter your retirement date, and tell us who you’d like to inherit your money if you die before taking your money out.  

Retro style grey graphic with white and yellow text move forward to your future

Do you have a vision for the future? How much money will you need to enjoy a comfortable retirement? And are you on track to get there? 

Retirement may seem a long way off, but by planning ahead now you can feel confident about the future.  

Our handy pension calculator helps you work out how much you’ll need to save for your later life, giving you a solid goal to work towards.