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Order and rules

NEST’s order is the legal document that establishes the scheme and makes provision for its administration and management. This can only be amended by Parliament.

The NEST rules document sets out how the scheme is designed and operates. This can be amended by NEST Corporation.

Together these two documents make up NEST’s order and rules and comprise the legal framework that governs NEST.

NEST’s order and rules took effect on 5 July 2010.

The NEST rules were last amended on 5 September 2016 and the updated rules can be found in the document below. The updates made were:

  • the option to pay lump sums and partial lump sums as benefits to members. This was provided for by the ‘Freedom and Choice’ changes introduced by the government in April 2015.
  • tidying up changes, such as the legislative changes made to pension input periods, are now accounted for by our rules.

The NEST order was last amended on 1 April 2013 and the updated version of the NEST order can also be found in the document below.

Download NEST’s full order and rules (PDF)​.

Help with the small print

Our straightforward guide summarises the key points in NEST’s order and rules. It can help you understand why NEST has certain features and obligations.

Download the order and rules summary

How NEST is run

As a public body we have no owners or shareholders. This means we’re free to run the scheme in the interests of our members.

Find out more about how NEST is run