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What could I get?

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If you’ve come to this page then you’re interested in learning how much you could expect to receive when you take your money out of Nest.

Our pension calculator takes into account Nest’s unique way of investing. Because of this, it provides the most accurate estimate of how much your money might be worth when you reach retirement. 

It also shows you how different options, such as taking a tax-free cash lump sum or sharing the money you will receive with your spouse or partner, could affect your pension. This will help you better understand what you’re likely to get and the kind of retirement you can hope to enjoy.

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Calculate your likely Nest pension pot

Based on how much you and your employer might contribute, you can use Nest’s pension calculator to work out what you might get when you take your money out of Nest.

While the Nest calculator is as accurate as it can be with the information we have, there are a number of things that could alter the exact sum you’ll get. Some of these are under your control, such as the amount of time you save and the contributions you make. Some of them aren’t, like the contributions your employer makes and how much your retirement pot grows through investment.

The calculator is based on Nest Retirement Date Funds (the default funds that Nest members are placed into, based on your retirement date). You can read more about how we calculate your pension estimate here.

Money Advice Service pension calculator

The Nest calculator is designed for those who only have a pension with us. If you have multiple pensions and want to work out how much you’re likely to get when you retire, it’s worth trying the Money Advice Service pension calculator as it takes into account all of your savings and pension pots.

Money Advice Service pension calculator