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How does Nest manage my money

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We know pensions can seem confusing, but knowing how Nest invests your money can help you have more control of your future.

How does investment work?

Investing means your money is put to work to try to make it grow over a long period of time - more than if you'd just kept it in your bank account.

How Nest invests your pension

What makes Nest different?

It's our unique approach to investing your money that makes us different. Our aim is to give you a bigger pension, in a better world. How do we do it?

Whether you’ve got one pound in your account or one million, we’re focused on helping your money grow. Whether you know a lot about pensions or a little, we make sure you can take control. If you want to choose how you invest, you can. If you’d prefer just to set the destination and leave getting there to us, you can do that too. It’s your money. You call the shots. 

Read more about our funds.

Around one in three workers saves with Nest. You’re part of one of the largest pension schemes in the UK. That has advantages. You get access to the kind of investments and deals that are only available to the largest investors. And when you pay less to invest, more of your money gets invested – meaning there’s more to grow.

We believe well-run companies are more likely to make money in the long term. So we help persuade companies you own to pay their workers more, make their workplaces safer and put people from different backgrounds on their boards. We support companies that are cutting carbon emissions and challenge those that aren’t. Investing like this means you should get more money in your pot. And it improves things for the people you live and work with too. Your money isn’t just securing your future. It’s securing everybody’s.

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What happens to my money?

After your pension contributions are taken from your wages, your money goes out into the world to buy lots of things. This can range from a share of large international companies like Apple, or smaller businesses like Greggs. Or your money might be lent out to an infrastructure project like building a wind farm, or part of a new hospital or social housing project. This helps it grow to keep up with the rising cost of living. And while your money is working for your future, it’s helping to keep the world working too.

For most people, the fund you're first enrolled in will work for your needs. But if you want to take more or less investment risk or choose a fund that matches your beliefs or faith, we have some other pension funds. After all, it’s your money and your choice.

Find out about our funds.

We've won awards for our investment approach. It’s driven by what our members tell us they want and need from their pensions. So, you can be sure we have your interests at heart.

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How do we keep your money safe?

At Nest we have a team of experts whose only job is to look after your money. They make all the important decisions about where your money goes and make sure it's as secure as possible. They take the responsibility of safeguarding your money very seriously and do all they can to get the best results. After all, they are Nest members too.

Read more about our team of investment experts.

Nest invests billions. Because of that, we can make your voice heard in boardrooms around the world. We talk to the companies you own, and we vote in their annual general meetings. If we think changing how companies do things will make them better investments for you, then we tell them.

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We know you want to keep your pension pot safe – so do we. That’s why we spread your money across lots of different types of investment; for example, companies, certain government loans, property or public transport projects. And to be extra safe, we keep some of it in cash. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We do a lot more to protect your money. 

Read more about how we invest your money.

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How much money will I get when I retire?

Like many things in life, what you get out often depends on how much you put in. Paying in regularly means that the money in your pension can start to build up. What could I get when I retire?

How much money you receive when you retire will also depend on how many years you save for. The longer you pay in, the more you’re likely to get at the end. It really is as simple as that.

To find out how much you might get when you retire, try out our pensions calculator. Calculate your pension.

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Pensions in numbers

9m Over 9 million people in the UK are now saving with Nest
1 in 3 of the UK working population will have a pension with Nest by the late 2020s
73% of members agree that responsible investing is the right thing to do

*information correct at time of publication

Still have questions?

Auto enrolment is a law that says all employers must sign eligible workers up to a pension. To find out more go to: Auto enrolment

Investment risk is the amount of risk you are willing to take with your money to make it grow. To find out more go to: Nest funds

When you buy a share, you become an owner of a small part of a company or project. To find out more go to: Different types of investment

For further advice on pensions go to: Guidance and advice

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Growing your pension savings

Investing responsibly can boost your pension - and improve things for the people you live and work with too.

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Where's my money invested?

Having a Nest pension means you have a stake in the world's biggest companies.


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