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Transferring pension pots

Throughout your working life, you will probably have more than one job – which means you could end up with multiple pensions. These can be time-consuming to manage, as well costing you money in duplicate fees and charges.

To make life easier, you can consider bringing all your pension pots together into NEST.

Simplifying your pension savings with NEST

Combining your pension pots will make everything more straightforward. You’ll be able to keep track of how much you’ve saved in one place, without guesswork or hassle.

We don’t charge for transferring money into NEST and the value of your transfer will only be subject to the same 0.3% annual management charge (AMC) that we apply to all NEST accounts.

How do I transfer money into NEST?

To combine your pots with NEST, simply follow the simple online process below:

  1. Log into your secure NEST account.
  2. Select Transfer money into NEST
  3. On the Transferring money into your NEST retirement pot page select Request transfer
  4. Check your details are correct
  5. Input a few details about your current provider and the amount you wish to transfer into NEST
  6. Check all the information and confirm you’re happy to proceed by checking the declaration box. It can generally take up to four weeks for your transfer to be completed.
  7. You can log in at any time to track progress by selecting Check status

How do I transfer money into NEST

Alternatively you can request a form which we’ll post to you. You’ll need to send it to your other pension provider for them to complete. Please be aware that this could take longer than the usual four weeks for the online process which generally takes four weeks. When you get the form back from your other pension provider, check you’re happy with the information, sign it and post it back to NEST using the address provided on the form.

NEST will then arrange to transfer your money. We’ll also be sure to provide you with updates during the transfer process through your secure NEST online account.

Is transferring pensions the right choice for me?

It’s completely up to you whether you’d like to combine pension pots with NEST. Here are some additional factors you might like to consider before making a decision:

  • Look at any costs and charges you might come across with other providers
  • Think about taking independent financial advice or contact an independent organisation such as the Pensions Advisory Service
  • Read our downloadable PDF on things to consider when moving your money into NEST

Alternatively, if you decide to transfer your savings out of NEST, we’ll make this process as simple as possible for you and we won’t charge you. Other providers might charge you for pension transfers, so it’s a good idea to check with them first.

Read more on transferring money out of NEST or head to the help centre for more information on transferring money in or out of NEST

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