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NEST Sharia Fund

NEST Sharia Fund is for people who want to save for their future in a way that complies with Sharia principles. This fund is likely to be riskier than some of the other ways of saving with NEST. This is because it doesn’t spread the risk in the same way that most of our other funds do, as it can only invest in shares that are Sharia compliant.

What the fund tries to achieve

NEST Sharia Fund only invests in shares confirmed as being Sharia compliant by a committee of experts.

The fund will not invest in companies that are involved in:

  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • financial services
  • pornography
  • weapons
  • pork products
  • gambling
  • leisure/media

The fund also avoids companies that receive or pay a large amount of interest.

What the fund invests in

The NEST Sharia Fund invests in larger global companies that comply with Sharia principles.

The fund uses an investment strategy that mirrors the Dow Jones Islamic Titans 100 Index.

The Islamic Titans Index consists of Sharia-compliant companies that have been endorsed by the Dow Jones Sharia Supervisory Committee, an independent board of Islamic scholars that advises Dow Jones.

How the fund tries to grow members’ money

NEST Sharia Fund aims to grow members’ money faster than the rate of inflation by investing in a range of company shares globally.

The fund doesn’t invest in the less risky types of investment such as government bonds, because these are not Sharia compliant.

The Sharia Fund experiences the same ups and downs as the stock market. There is a chance members’ savings could take a sharp fall in value as they approach retirement.

Changing Funds

To choose one of the fund choices instead of the NEST Retirement Date Funds, members need to log into their online account and go to ‘Retirement pot’.

See where this fund is invested

To find out where this fund is invested and how it’s performing, read the latest Quarterly investment report.