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Nest Higher Risk Fund

Who’s it for?

The Nest Higher Risk Fund is designed for members who are prepared to take more investment risk to try and make their retirement pot grow more.

How does the fund work?

The fund aims to grow retirement pots by investing more in higher risk investments.

The fund is invested in a range of different investments so it’s slightly lower risk than putting all of the member’s savings on the stock market.

Our aim is to get a higher return on members’ investments but there’s a chance that the member could get less than they put in and have more uncertainty while they save.

When a member chooses to switch into the Higher Risk Fund, they have an option to choose which higher risk strategy they’d like to be invested in.

The first strategy moves a member’s pot out of the higher risk fund into a Nest Retirement Date Fund ten years before their nominated retirement date. This will help protect them from the possibility of big falls in value close to retirement and get their retirement pot ready for them to take out of Nest. Although there’s a chance a member could miss out on big rises, they’re less likely to lose the money they’ve built up.

The second strategy keeps a member’s pot in the Higher Risk Fund regardless of their age unless and until they choose to move their money to an alternative fund choice, or transfer or withdraw their funds.

Changing funds

Members can log into their online account to view or change the fund they’re in.

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Where's my money invested?

Having a Nest pension means you have a stake in the world's biggest companies.


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