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Nest investment research

Understanding our members

To get things right for members, we need to understand what they want, need and expect from Nest. We’ve designed how we invest based on careful analysis of our research on the things that matter to our members and the right way to meet their needs.

To find out more you can read our research papers and consultations.

Communicating with members on responsible investment

Research in our latest responsible investment report showed that savers want to learn more about how their pension pots are invested. The research highlighted that the environmental, social and financial benefits of investing responsibly can help build trust, confidence and interest in pension saving. 

We brought a range of pensions, communications and behavioural finance experts together to explore how to communicate more effectively with members about responsible investment. This report summarises the five key takeaways from the discussion.

Improving consumer confidence in saving for retirement

Nest’s research shows certainty is important to consumers, and for many, protecting their savings is more important than taking on greater risk.

This report explores what the new generation of savers under auto enrolment understands about long-term saving, what they expect from a pension and what concerns them. It considers the role member communications and product innovations can play in improving consumer confidence in saving for retirement.

Read Improving consumer confidence in saving for retirement (PDF)

Member research brief

Nest believes understanding members’ characteristics, circumstances and attitudes is essential to developing and maintaining an appropriate investment strategy.

This report summarises the research into members that informed how we designed how we invest on their behalf. It focuses mainly on:

  • risk capacity: the ability of the membership to take investment risk
  • risk preferences: the attitude of the individual to savings and risk
  • attitudes to loss
  • insight on demand for Sharia-compliant investment

Read our Member research brief (PDF)

Consultation on Nest’s investment approach

Nest was established from a non-departmental government that was known as the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA). PADA ran a comprehensive consultation to make sure the future members of Nest had access to the right investment approach.

Read the consultation findings (PDF)
Read the consultation document (PDF)

Developing Nest’s responsible investment approach

As long-term investors, Nest believes incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors is integral to the investment management process.

Nest commissioned research into how pension schemes around the world approach responsible investment. By developing an understanding of what world class responsible investment looks like, we can ensure that Nest takes an approach that is appropriate for its age, size and circumstances.

Read Benchmarking responsible investment (PDF)
Read Nest’s responsible investment report 2016 (PDF)

Nest’s response to pension freedoms

Find out about the research and analysis that’s shaping Nest’s response to freedom and choice.

Investment team insight

Discover the insights Nest’s investment team call on to make investment decisions.

Last updated: 06/20