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Nest is a responsible investor that aims to help you plan for retirement. We give our members access to world-class investments at low cost, no matter who you are or how much you contribute.

At the centre of our strategy is a deep understanding of how important it is to protect our members’ investments. We aim to grow your money over the long term without taking more risk than required.

For the funds that most of our members are invested in we have a sophisticated investment risk management approach which improves the quality and consistency of members’ returns. Our team of in-house experts have constructed diversified global funds that aim to perform consistently in different economic and market conditions.

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Delivering quality investments

We want to help our members have a better retirement, whenever and whatever you save. We deliver high quality investments by:

Having an in-house team

Our team of experts look after your money and take responsibility for all important investment decisions.

Using research and analysis

All of our investment decisions are based on ongoing evidence, research and analysis activities, including detailed insight into what our members need and expect from us. This helps us identify where to invest our members’ money, spreading it in a wide range of investments around the world.

Having high-quality fund managers

We appoint world class fund managers in both public and private markets. We build long-lasting relationships with these managers and regularly review and monitor their performance.

Being responsible and sustainable

All of our members’ money is invested responsibly and sustainably. We assess how the companies, sectors and economies we invest in are run, and their impact on people and the planet, in our investment processes.

Reporting back and being transparent

We believe it’s important to be transparent. That’s why we report back on how we’re doing through things like our fund factsheets and voting reports.


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Last updated: 11/19