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About Nest

Nest has been set up by the government especially for auto enrolment.

What is Nest?

We’re here to make sure that every employer has access to a workplace pension scheme that meets the requirements of the new pension rules.

But we do more than just meet the regulatory minimum. Nest comes packed with the sort of high-quality features you need, whether you’re saving with us, using us for your workers or helping your employer clients.

Online and easy
to use

Whether you’re saving with Nest, using it for your workers or helping your clients set up a scheme, you can do it all online.

Built for auto enrolment

Nest was set up by the government to ensure every employer has access to a high-quality workplace pension scheme.

Great value

Free for employers to use, it’s great value for members too, with one simple charging structure whichever fund they choose.

Run for members

Nest is run for its members and has a strong sense of social purpose. Read more about our mission and purpose in our corporate plan.


Our approach offers members
sophisticated saving products that are generally available only in expensive corporate schemes.

Getting help

Nest Connect makes it easy for payroll providers, accountants and financial advisers to help employers meet their new duties.


Last updated: 10/20

The Pensions Regulator Welcome Letter

Received your letter from TPR?

We’ve made setting up a workplace pension scheme as easy as possible. There’s a lot to do but Nest is here to help.

What to do next

Member Welcome Pack

Just received your welcome pack?

If you’re a new member of Nest you may be wondering what to do next. We’re here to help you explore ways to get a better retirement.

Saving for retirement