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Introduction to enrolling workers – video transcript

In this demo, we’ll talk about enrolling workers.

At this point, you’ll have finished setting up NEST online.

Before enrolling your workers into NEST you need to ensure you’ve sent the right statutory communication to each worker. Our Employer notices guide  has details on what you need to send to your workers.

There are three ways you can enrol workers in NEST, depending on what suits your organisation.

  • Enrolling workers by entering information manually - This works well for enrolling a small number of workers or if you’ve uploaded a file and then need to add a few additional workers.
  • Enrolling workers via file upload works well if you’re enrolling more workers. It’s up to you how many workers would be too many to enter manually, but as a guide we’d suggest this method if you’re enrolling more than 20 workers at once.
  • Enrolling workers via secure file transfer, or SFTP, is aimed at those employers who already have experience with using secure file transfer. The SFTP method is useful for uploading large comma separated values – CSV – or extensible markup language – XML – files.

To find out more about any of these options, visit our website.