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How do I manage my secure NEST mailbox?

Your secure NEST mailbox is where you’ll receive and can store all communications we send to you.

Each person with access to a NEST employer account will have their own NEST mailbox and delegate ID. The types of communications they receive in their NEST mailbox will depend on their access level.

For example, a full-access delegate will receive all communications about the employer organisation account as well as their individual delegate account.

An enrolment delegate will only receive emails in connection to enrolments on the employer account they’re assigned to and their own delegate account.

Examples of the type of communications you can expect to receive include notifications of when contributions are overdue and when members have opted out.

To access your NEST mailbox, click ‘Mailbox’ on the home page of your NEST online account.

Your mailbox has six different folders. These are:

  • Inbox
  • Priority
  • Sent
  • Drafts
  • Archive
  • Trash

Once you’ve clicked ‘Mailbox’, you’ll see all your messages stored with the latest received message on the top.

You can change the way you view your messages to show the oldest ones first or by showing the subject of the message in alphabetical order.

You can also search for the type of message you want to view by selecting the message type from the drop-down menu. If you’ve set up as a delegate organisation, you’ll have an additional option to search for messages relating to a particular employer you’re connected to.

From the drop-down list you can select the following message types:

  • complaint
  • contributions
  • delegated access
  • dispute
  • employer details
  • employer sign up
  • file transfer
  • general
  • insolvency
  • late payment
  • leaving NEST
  • member enrolment
  • user access.

You can also search for messages by their subject or keywords in the subject line. The search bar is located next to the message type drop-down menu. There’s also an option to use ‘Advanced search’. This will let you search for messages received between two particular dates.

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