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What are the different types of contribution I can receive?

As a member of NEST, you have one retirement pot that you can carry on contributing to throughout your working life. Different types of contributions can be added to your pot at any time.

Contributions can be made by you from your wages and your employer will also contribute. Your employer is responsible for paying this to us so that we can invest the money in your retirement pot.

You can also make additional contributions if you want to either by a one-off payment or arranging to contribute a little more on a regular basis. You can do this by logging into your online account and setting up a payment. For more information, please see How can I make additional contributions?

Anyone can contribute to someone else’s NEST retirement pot. This could be a parent or close relative for example. If someone would like to contribute to your retirement pot, they’ll just need to pay by debit card and tell us your NEST ID. To get more information about your NEST ID, please see What’s my NEST ID?. To make a payment on behalf of a member go to Make a contribution area of our website.

If you’re eligible for tax relief, we’ll collect tax relief on your contributions and add this to your retirement pot. We’ll claim tax relief on all member contributions paid by your employer, additional contributions and contributions made by someone else. We won’t claim tax relief on any transferred in amounts or employer contributions. To find out more about tax relief see Do I need to claim tax relief myself?

You’ll be able to see all of your contributions in the Contributions area of your NEST home page.

Any contributions made by you from your wages or any additional contributions will show under You. Additional contributions could be single additional contributions or regular additional contributions. Contributions for the current tax year made by your employer will show under Your employer(s).

Any tax relief collected for you in the current tax year will show under Tax relief. If you’d like to see more information, you can click ‘Contribution details’.

You’ll be able to search for the details by using Search by date range or Choose a tax year option. This will allow you to search any contributions made by you or your employer in the previous tax years or depending on specific date range.

If you want to look at all of your contributions for a set period of time, you can click ‘More options’ and filter for what you’re looking for. Click ‘List contributions’ when you’re ready to search.

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