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Why is my contribution schedule showing as overdue?

If you haven’t completed a schedule and paid in full for all relevant members before the payment due date then the contribution schedule will show as overdue. A schedule will show as paid only once the funds have cleared in our bank account, not on the day when you submit your schedule for payment.

Your contribution schedules may show overdue for the following reasons:

  • The payment hasn’t cleared in our bank before the agreed due date
  • The payment is still being processed after the payment due date
  • You haven’t validated all members on the schedule
  • You haven’t submitted the schedule for payment by clicking 'Submit schedule’
  • You’ve moved the members shown in the schedule to a different group or payment source but haven’t validated their records in this schedule
  • You’ve submitted a contribution correction that results in an additional payment being required
  • You’ve enrolled new workers with a start date that appears on this schedule
  • You’re holding onto members’ contributions during their opt-out period.

To help avoid late payments, we’d recommend that you submit your contribution schedule for payment at least five working days before your payment due date. You’ll need to let us know how much you’re paying for each member on the contribution schedule. If you’re paying partial or no contributions for a member in a schedule, you’ll need to provide a reason code so that we know not to expect the full or any payment for them. Please see Making partial or zero contributions for more information. The member will then move from the status Action needed - not yet validated to Member validated.

Once you’ve saved the changes made to your schedule and you’re ready to pay your contributions, click ‘Submit schedule’.

You’ll see that validated member details where contributions are due will have the status Payment expected in the schedule. If no contributions are due based on the reasons you’ve entered the status will be updated to No contributions due.

The contribution schedule will move to Paid status when we’ve received and allocated payment to all members requiring contributions.

The guide below shows you how long it’s likely to take for each payment method to clear in our bank account.

Payment method Clearing time
Direct Debit Usually five working days from your submission.
Debit card Most debit card payments will take up to five working days.


You may need to allow additional time for weekends and bank holidays to make sure the payment reaches us by the payment due date.

It’s also possible for exception schedules to be overdue. Since exception schedules aren’t associated with a particular pay period, they don’t have a specific due date. Instead, we’ll expect payment for exception schedules within 14 days of their submission for payment. Please see When will I need to make payment for my exception schedule? for more information on using exception schedules.

We’ll also send a reminder to your online secure mailbox letting you know if you have an overdue schedule on the account.

If you don’t clear an overdue schedule as soon as possible you’re at risk of being reported to The Pensions Regulator (TPR). This is because you need to complete and pay for overdue schedules to meet your legal duties.

Have you received a late payment notification? Watch this short video to find out how to clear an overdue schedule.

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